Vol. 33, No. 6 HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Vol. 33, No. 6  June, 2009


         A GREAT WOMAN
              2 Kings 4:8-37

           By Dr. George Mills

I would like to share with you the Message I gave to my people here on MOTHER’S DAY, May 10, 2009.
Yes, Mother’s day for this year has passed, but still, we feel very strongly that every day, is Mother’s day!

I stay away from politics as much as possible; however, sometimes I feel that I must make mention of some things…
 Over last week-end at the White House correspondent’s party various comments were very much out of line. One thing that I have in mind is one of the President’s remarks. He stated that one of his associates “Never used the word “day” after the word “Mother.”  The associate he was speaking of most definitely has a “seedy” speech problem. I believe everyone knew of the word the President was referring to.
In these latter years we have had a Baptism of the mis-use of that dear word we know as “MOTHER.” To me, this is just another sign post on our road downward, morally, that is.
We love, honor, and adore that Dear one we call Mother.

Please take a few moments and read all of the text in 2Kings 4:8-37. Briefly, the setting is about a Woman of Shunem, a small village near Jezreel.  She noticed that the Prophet Elisha passed by frequently in his travels through the land. She suggested to her husband that it would be nice for him to fix a small room, a Prophet’s Chamber, perhaps on the roof. This would be a great convenience for Elisha. The room was built. Elisha heard of the woman’s concern and asked his associate Gehazi about some kind of reward or payment for such kindness. Gehazi said that her husband was old and they have no children. Elisha told the woman that “according to the time of life” she would have a child. A child was born to the woman. As the child grew, he went with his father to the fields to reap the harvest. The young child probably suffered from sunstroke. He said, “My head, my head.” The father sends the son to his MOTHER. The Mother sat him on her knees until he died. She then placed the child on the Prophet’s bed and rushed to find the man of God.

Elisha saw her coming and sent Gehazi to greet her. She went to the Man of God and fell before him and grasped his feet. The Prophet left and went to the woman’s home. He found the child dead. He laid upon the child, He prayed to God, and the child sneezed seven times and the child opened his eyes. The Prophet returned the child to his Mother. In thanksgiving, she bowed herself before the Prophet and went out. Briefly, that is the story of this text. But there is so much more. The Bible says that she was “A GREAT WOMAN.” What did God see that made her great?

FIRST…Any healthy female can give birth to a child, but that does not make her a Mother. It takes someone very special to be a Mother. Perhaps the highest calling of God is that of a Mother. Birth only begins a lifetime process. There is the endless changing of diapers, the childhood illnesses, the sleepless nights. In fact, a real Mother never sleeps. Her mind is always on the welfare of her child.
The Bible is filled with wonderful stories of Great Mothers.
Perhaps my favorite Mother is Jochebed, the Mother of Moses. The way she planned and protected her son has been a source of encouragement down through the centuries. No one can explain the life of Moses without considering the influence of His Mother.

Hannah, the Mother of Samuel. She prayed for a child and promised the Lord that she would give him back to the Lord, (1Sam 1:24-28). Again, there is no explaining the lives of these great men without the influence of their Mothers.
The same can be said about wicked mothers. In Mt. 14, Herodias’ daughter danced before Herod. She must have put on quite a show, because Herod offered her whatever she would ask for. When she consulted with her mother, she was told to ask for the head of John the Baptist. This was granted by Herod. The influence of a wicked mother.
Jezebel, another wicked woman. She introduced Baal worship into the land. (1Kings 16:31-21:25).
As you read the genealogies of the kings, (2Kings, 2 Chr.)  many wicked mothers are listed.  Their influence is seen in the wicked reign of their son.
I believe the tragedy of today is the fact that many mothers are “missing.” Recently, here in Florida, there have been notable cases concerning “missing children.” In Orlando, in Satsuma, and in several cities in Florida, “missing children” has been the attention of the media. In every case, the problem has been “MISSING MOTHERS. A real Mother’s job is endless. No child molester will capture her child without first killing her. I am very aware of a Mother’s concern for her child.
Now, back to our message…
What did God see in this woman of Shunem that caused Him to call her Great?
She was not great in business; she was the wife of a farmer. She knew nothing of business. She was not great in politics. She was not great in sports. She was not great in entertainment. She was not great in society, or social affairs. If we were to visit her home, we would not see anything that we would call “great.” Her home was probably a clay hut with one or two rooms. Probably dirt floors, no indoor plumbing, heating or air conditioning. Next to her house you would probably see several clay pots, some with drinking water for the family. There was probably, near her house a goat pen with two or three live goats. Goats furnished milk, and cheese she made for the family. Near her house there would be a mound of clay. This was her oven. This is where she made bread for the family. As you took a tour of her home, you would not want to stay there very long. We are accustomed to air conditioned, carpeted, and comfortable homes. But God called her “Great.” What did He see in her?

In v9-10 of our text, she suggested to her husband that a small Prophet’s chamber be built onto their home. She recognized that Elisha was a “Holy man of God.” Building that room illustrates her faith. Taking care of the man of God is the outward manifestation of inner Faith in God. The Book of James says, “Faith without works is dead.” She saw an opportunity, and she put her faith to work. (James 2:15-26).

In 1Kings 17, Elijah, at Zarephath met a woman who had just a handful of meal and some oil. She told the Prophet that she was going to bake a cake for her and her son and that after they ate, they would just die. They had nothing more to eat. Elijah said, “Make me a little cake first.” And she did. Elijah told the woman that the barrel of meal and cruse of oil shall not fail until the LORD sends rain. “And the barrel of meal and cruse of oil wasted not, according to the word of the LORD.” In Both cases, God saw in these women Great FAITH. Putting the man of God first illustrated their Faith. May I ask you, dear Mother who may be reading this, does God see in you Great Faith? Do your children see in you Great Faith? Your influence for good, or bad, will be with them all the days of their lives.


When the Prophet Elisha heard about her kindness in building the room, he asked the woman what could be done for her. “Would you like for me to speak to the king for you, or to the captain of the host?” Her answer, “I dwell among my own people.” In other words, “we are just fine. We are neighbors. We share. We have enough.” She was contented with what she had. I am reminded of the financial crisis in our nation today. This did not start last year. This has been brewing for years. An unquenchable thirst for the things we could not afford. Homes bought that the buyer knew he/she could never make the payments, Credit cards maxed, re-financing with balloon notes, unchecked spending, Automobiles, and new furniture. Credit, and unchecked spending both on the local level and the national level had to reach it’s climax. There is no telling where this will end. I am not an economist, but I do not see much hope with these government bail-outs and more spending. There has to be a stop to spending somewhere.  I suppose the Shunemite woman could have asked for some choice things from the king, but she was contented with what she had. I ask you, dear Mother who may be reading this, do your children see in you Great Contentment? Do they see you spending, spending, etc.? Many homes today have been destroyed because some wanted what they could not afford.

In our text, v18-22, her child died. He probably suffered from sunstroke. She laid the child on the bed of the Man of God. She told the young man her husband sent, “I must run to the Man of God.” (v22). Again, an illustration of her Great Faith. She said, “IT SHALL BE WELL.”
Tragedy brings distress to many people. Those who do not know the Lord have no one to turn to in time of trouble. Do you, my dear reader, do you know our Dear Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour? If you have never called upon Him, I trust that you will, right now. He is good enough to serve in life, and he will be there in time of death. Trust Him today. He is there, where you are, in the Person of the Holy Spirit. He will save you from the penalty and power of sin. Call upon Him, today.

Tragedy brought this woman to the man of God. She went into the presence of the Prophet, and knelt before him, and grabbed his feet. “Did I desire a son? Did I not say do not deceive me?” The Prophet saw her distress and sent Gehazi to the boy. Gehazi reported that the child would not respond. (v31). Elisha went to the child, and lay upon the child, eye to eye, mouth to mouth, and hand to hand. The flesh of the child became warm, and the child sneezed seven times, and opened his eyes. Do your children see in you Great Self Control? How you react as a Mother will greatly influence how they will react.

When she met the servant of the man of God he asked her three questions,

(1) “Is it well with thee?” Her answer, “It is well.” Again, I would ask that same question. Could you answer as she answered?

(2) “Is it well with thy husband?” “It is well.”

(3) “Is it well with the child?” “It is well.”
Whatever happens, life, or death, we are fine.  Her Great Faith caused her to say, “IT SHALL BE WELL.”(v 23). Is that same concern for your children’s spiritual welfare evident in your life? I remember years ago when I was being questioned concerning my ordination into the Ministry. At that time we had three children, ages 9, 7, and 2 years. One of the Pastors asked, “Mrs. Mills are your children saved?” Her answer, “Two of them are, and I’m working on the third one.” The oldest two were saved, and, well, in about three more years, our youngest was saved. “Can you say, “I’m working on the third one,” or whatever the case may be?

5. GOD SAW IN HER, GREAT GRATITUDE. When Elisha raised up her son, she bowed herself to the ground at his feet. She was grateful to God that her son was given back his life.
It is recorded in Hebrews 11:35, “Women received their dead raised to life again.” No doubt this verse includes this Shunemite woman. God saw in this woman GREAT FAITH, GREAT CONTENTMENT, GREAT SELF CONTROL, GREAT CONCERN FOR HER FAMILY, and GREAT GRATITUDE.

Now, what can we learn from this text today? May I suggest a couple of things…

1. Be sure that you, as a Mother, have committed your life to Jesus Christ. Does God see in you, Great faith? Again, if you have never asked Christ into your life to be your Saviour, by all means, take care of that just now. The Bible says, “But as many as received Him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His Name.” (Jn 1:12)
“How do I receive Him?” Just tell Him that you receive Him. He will hear your heart’s cry.

2. Make your home a place of worship. Teach your children the great stories of the Bible. The story of Adam and Eve, Moses in the Bulrushes, Daniel in the den of lions, David, the giant killer, etc. Dozens and dozens of Bible stories of How God worked in the past, and He will work for them also. Without the BIBLE, (KJB) there is no foundation for their lives. We have to send our children into a world that has no knowledge of Christ and the Bible. They MUST have strong home teachings about the things of God.

3. Make your home your career. I salute every Mother across our land. Every Mother who has the child’s best interest in mind, and Christ in Heart. Our nation is hurting today. We do not have a MONEY problem as much as we have a MOTHER problem.
No word except praises, should ever follow that dear word we know as MOTHER.
May God richly bless you!


AND THE WORLD IS A WILDERNESS…It is no friend to the Christian. It is no friend to the home. God knows that our need today is strong, Spiritual families. Our only Friend is Christ, and His Word, the Bible. (KJB).


By Pastor George mills

“And forsake not the law of thy Mother.”  (Pr. 1:8-9).

A love that keeps on growing,
   Though we are far apart,
It’s great just to be knowing,
   That she lives within my heart.

We had her here for just a while,
   And then God called her home,
But once again we’ll see her smile,
   When god bids us to come.

Of all life’s treasures I hold dear,
   The best in my memory,
Fond thoughts are ever, ever near,
   Of the love my Mother gave to me.

In Heaven there, our Lord will be,
  And Sister, Dad, and Brother,
And next to Christ, what joy to see,
   That dear one we call Mother.


Our dear Nation stands in need today. We have enemies out there who oppose our way of life. They seek to destroy us any way they can.  We have enemies who live within, who enjoy our freedom, and our liberties, but seek to destroy us. While I am concerned about the enemy out there, I am more concerned about the enemy within. This enemy is in high places, in our High Courts, in Legislation and Education. In Hosea 4:17, God said, “Ephraim is joined to idols, let him alone.” Ephraim had gone too far from God. I trust that we have not drifted too far away from God that our LORD WILL SEND REVIVAL TO OUR LAND!
“The voice of one crying in the WILDERNESS..”


        “Brethren, Pray for us”
This Publication Ministry is now 33 years young. How we praise God for his sustaining Grace. We began by Faith, with no funds, and no financial backing, We have operated that same way through the years. Again, we praise God and we are grateful for the generosity of God’s People. This is not a large organization with all the activities some expect. We are a small congregation with the world in view. We praise God for what He has done with “Small Things.”

WILDERNESS Monthly Publication. Volume 1, No. 1 was printed in June, 1976. Now, this Publication can be read anywhere in the world where a computer is available.

WILDERNESS Gospel Tracts. Our Tract Ministry began in 1966. We have never kept any record of how many have been printed, or how many and where they were sent. We keep about 15 of the most commonly used in print. Many Churches and groups have used our Tracts. Also, we have several small Booklets that are written to help new converts get started right.

WILDERNERNESS Internet Ministry. We invite you to our website. If you visit our home page, and click on “PUBLICATION ARCHIVES” you will find several years of messages on many subjects. We send our greetings to folks out there we have never met, in places we know not of. Thank you for visiting our web site. I sincerely hope that we have helped you.

WILDERNESS Prison Ministry. This publication is sent in bulk to about 25 Correctional institutions in the North Florida area, and to individual inmates in several states around the nation. We try to help inmates with good Gospel literature.

WILDERNESS Bibles for Africa project. This is indeed a work of faith. Daily we receive requests for Bibles, used Bibles, Christian literature. These folks have never asked for anything but Gospel literature. I can only put each request at the bottom of the pile and get to each one as funds are available. Postage costs greatly hinder us from doing much here, but we try.

WILDERNESS Broadcast Ministry. “The Church In The Wildwood Broadcast” began in 1966. This has not been continuous, but again, we have tried. This has been mostly Missionary Radio. Now, by way of the internet, this Broadcast is International. We trust that we will be able to have a more suitable recording site. Navy Jets flying over our Church sometimes interfere with our taping.

Briefly, this is what the WILDERNESS is all about. I trust that God will open new doors of opportunity for us.
We have never made any plea for money, but it does take money to do these things. Believe me, your dollars are NEEDED and APPRECIATED. We need our friends to remember us in prayer. Our Stand is Fundamental, Independent, Missionary Baptist. We stand upon the Purity, the Integrity of the Word of God as given in the KING JAMES BIBLE.
          “Brethren, pray for us.”


WANDERING THROUGH THE WILDERNESS…”That made the world as a WILDERNESS..” (Isa 14:17)

Occasionally we have to take time out and answer some questions and make some observations..

Recently an organization sent me a small booklet with the title, “WHY BIBLE TRANSLATIONS?”  The author of the booklet said, “God’s Word is settled in Heaven, NOT on earth.”
This thinking is the source of the problem concerning “bibles” today.
God’s Word IS settled on earth, (Ps 12:6-7).  He has INSPIRED and PRESERVED that which He Inspired. God’s Word IS settled for me, and for countless millions of others around the world. We do not worship the Bible, we worship the God of the Bible. We join in with the Psalmist, “Oh how I love Thy Law. It is my meditation all the day.” (Psa 119:97). If God’s Word is not settled for you, perhaps you are not looking in the right place.


Question..”What is the surest or best way to know for sure that I am saved? I believe that I have done everything the Bible says, but sometimes I just don’t feel like I am really saved.”

Ans…Our best and only assurance is what the Bible says. If we trust anything else, or anyone else, there can be no assurance. The Bible says that we are sinners. That includes everybody. “ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”(Ro. 3:23) We did not have to do anything to become a sinner, we were born that way. Adam sinned and incurred a sinful nature. That sinful nature was passed from Adam through the natural birth. The wages of that sin is death. (Ro. 6:23) “But the Gift of god is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” When we believe, when we accept what the Bible says, we are saved from the Penalty, and Power of sin. This has nothing to do with “feelings” or what other people may say, or what this or that group may believe. This is what the Bible says. If you have trusted Christ alone for your salvation, then it’s settled. When you wake up in the morning and you don’t have that “feeling” just praise God that he woke you up. Don’t listen to your feelings, or listen to what others say. Listen to what the Bible says.


Question..”Is there anything special about the year 2012 that is supposed to be happening, if so, what?”

Ans…Date setters have been doing just that, setting dates, and times. I believe that the Bible is very clear. We are not to be looking for signs, dates, moving of nations, weather patterns, global warming, or dozens of things that groups are focused upon. People down through the centuries have followed various “signs” only to be confounded. Let us be busy in service for our Lord. The future is in His hands. He knows what He is doing. He is always on time. Don’t be taken in by “sign seekers” and “date setters.”


       “Even so, come Lord Jesus.”