Vol 33, No. 7  July, 2009


July 4, 1776—July 4, 2009
       233 years young.

We love our nation, we love our Flag, and we cherish our freedom!


 By Dr. George Mills

1.  I Love the BEAUTY of America! I love America! This is my Homeland, the place of my birth. It matters not what State you may be in, or from, you will have to agree with me, there is no place like this place. From the highest elevation, all the way down to the lowest plain, and everything between, this is the most beautiful place on this earth. Other countries have beautiful places, but this is a land of beauty, no matter what state you may be in. I have been to the Great Smokies, the Appalachians, and the Rockies. My, what beauty. I have been to the Atlantic, and Pacific oceans, and many places between. This is indeed a land of beauty!

2. I Love the BOUNTIFULLNESS of America!
Many rich gifts have been bestowed upon America. The American People live in luxury compared to the other nations of the world. People live in poverty outside the boundaries of America. But this nation has always shared with other nations of the world. We have fed the hungry and clothed those who had no clothes. We have shared with the world medical supplies and knowledge of Medical science. We have been there to help in times of disasters. Our nation helped in the days when Hitler attempted to conquer the world. We had the Lend-Lease program when we sent supplies to needy nations. We set nations of the world free. After the Second World War, we adopted the Marshal Plan when we helped rebuild and restore war torn lands. Our military forces stationed at various strategic places around the world have guarded and kept much of the world safe since ww2. European countries have not had to bear the burden of their national defense Our Naval and Air Forces continually patrol the coastlines of world countries. In the last few years our Military has set free millions of people who have lived underVicious dictators. And would you know it, we have living in America those who enjoy our freedom, but they hate us. They seek to destroy our way of life. We have enemies. They wear no uniform. The most dangerous enemy we face today is terrorism. We have shared our bountifulness with the nations of the world. Recently, our President and his emissaries have gone to various places of the world and made apologies for America, They say, “We have made mistakes. Much of the world problems are our fault.”   WE ARE NOT THE BAD GUYS! WE OWE NO APOLOGY TO THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD. I am proud of our history. I Love America!

3. I Love the BENEFITS of America!
It is most difficult to find a starting place here. There are so many wonderful BENEFITS that come with the title, AMERICAN. In January, 1941, in a speech to Congress, President Roosevelt spoke of “FOUR FREEDOMS.”

1. The Freedom of speech and expression. This also includes Freedom of The Press. I thank God that I have the freedom to publish, and to send out this Monthly Publication, and other publications we produce here.

2. The Freedom of Assembly. We can meet together without fear of Government intervention. I have seen, by way of television, various groups that spew hatred, racial division, and hatred for America. I don’t like these kinds of groups, but as Americans, they have the right of assembly. To seek to take away the right of assembly from any group is to destroy our own right of assembly.

3. The freedom of Religion. We have the freedom to worship our God in the way we wish to. Freedom OF religion does not mean freedom FROM religion. Those who seek to silence us cannot legally do so. They can turn their radio to another station, they can turn the TV to another channel, or refuse to read anything of a religious nature, but they cannot stop us. How many countries of the world do we know of that do not offer their citizens this right?  In some countries, Just to mention the Name of our Lord Jesus might mean a death sentence.

4. The Freedom from fear. We do not have to hide, or meet in secret places in fear of government intervention.

These are FOUR FREEDOMS. I am not so much afraid of any group, government, or organization taking any of these wonderful BENEFITS from us. If we lose any of these benefits, it will not be because they took them from us, it will be because we gave them away. Such benefits MUST be maintained! Let every American, without fear, exercise these freedoms.

We owe no apology to any nation. The generosity of the American taxpayer has borne the cost of maintaining peace in the world. WE ARE NOT THE BAD GUYS! I am very proud of America!

If we owe an apology to anyone, and I believe we do, we owe an apology to the God of our Fathers. Instead of seeking His blessings every day, we seek Him only in troubled times. Let every American honor our Nation, our Flag, and our Constitution. Let every one of us join in with the praise of the Psalmist, “Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.” (Ps 90).


          By Pastor George mills

God bless America, my Home and my heart,
   In abundant measure, God did impart,
A land of freedom for all the oppressed,
   A nation of people, Divinely blessed.

America, a home, a haven secure,
   America, may you long endure,
America, a land, a comfort to all,
   Who upon God, for guidance do call.

May God bless this nation, let freedom ring,
   While foes fall about us, let everyone sing,
“Praises to God the Creator of man,
   We seek Him today as did our fathers then;

When America was founded on principles fair,
   As told in the Bible, it’s pages declare,
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
   Blessed are the people who honor His Word.”

Let freedom ring from mountain top,
   Let freedom ring, and never stop.
Give praises to God for His great Love,
   As He watches us from His throne above.

God bless “Old Glory, long may it wave,
   O’er this great land of the free and the brave,
And may it be stated in loud refrain;
   “God, bless America, again.”

O God our Refuge in each generation,
   Honor our Flag, our stand and our nation,
Please hear our prayer in words clear and plain,
   “Dear God, bless America, again!”


America is not perfect, but was founded with strong roots. We just need to return to our roots. We do serve a Perfect God.


                  Luke 19:1-10
          By Pastor George Mills

“And Jesus entered and passed through Jericho. And behold there was a man named Zachaeus which was the chief among the publicans, and he was rich. And he sought to see Jesus, who He was, and could not for the press, because he was little of stature. And he ran before, and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see Him, for He was to pass that way. And when Jesus came to the place, He looked up, and saw Him, and said unto Him, Zachaeus, make haste, and come down, for today I must abide at thy house. And he made haste, and came down and received Him joyfully. And when they saw it, they all murmured saying, that He was gone to be guest with a man that is a sinner. And Zachaeus stood, and said unto the Lord, Behold Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor, and if I have taken anything from any man by false accusation, I restore him fourfold. And Jesus said unto him, This day is salvation come to this house, forsomuch as he is also a son of Abraham. For the Son of Man is come to seek and save that which was lost.”
Have you ever found yourself UP A TREE, AND OUT ON A LIMB? Or down to your last chance? Or up a creek without a paddle? Or not knowing which way to turn? Or too much month at the end of the money? Or I have everything, but still I have nothing. Zachaeus seems to fit here, somewhere. He seems to say, “I have tried everything, and yet, something is still missing. Something is wrong. I have everything, but still I have nothing.” Zachaeus heard that the Lord Jesus would pass his way and he did not want to miss this one chance to meet Him. As I read this text, I could not help but make a comparison in my mind concerning an old fashioned “coon” hunt, as rural folks in the south call it. Hunters will take a pack of hounds down to a river bottom, or to a swampy area and turn that pack of hounds loose. You can hear those dogs for miles as they chase a “coon” through the woods. Finally, the “coon” finds a tall tree and climbs it. The dogs have done their job. They have “treed” the “coon.” I think of that when I read about Zachaeus up that tree. The Holy Spirit is that “Heavenly Hound” who is on our trail all of our life, until we, like Zachaeus find ourselves “Up a tree, and out on a limb.” May God speak to every heart today as we study this text. Let’s see some good things, and some not so good things about Zachaeus…

1. HIS POSITION. He was a Publican. We know this group as Tax Collectors. This was a high position in that day.
This was a Political appointment and perhaps family ties had much to do with getting such a high position.  Zachaeus would be acquainted with many in high places in the government.

2. HIS POWER. There were two classes of Publicans. First, the Chief Publican, and the ordinary Publican. The Chief Publican was assigned a large area from which he collected his taxes. The ordinary Publican was responsible for a smaller area to collect taxes. Some of these were ruthless to say the least “HOW” they collected these taxes was mainly left up to each tax collector. They would over tax or double tax the people to get richer and richer. They had great power. They were hated by the common people. They were classed with sinners, harlots, and heathen. To eat with a Publican was a great offence according to our text.

3. HIS POSSESSIONS. V2 says that he was rich. “Ill gotten gain,” you may call it. He had spent his life getting richer and richer. He did not care who he hurt on his way up the ladder of success. I am glad that there are Biblical examples of men in this profession coming to Christ. Zachaeus, and Levi, (Matthew) (Mk. 2:14). God will save anybody who will trust Him.

4. HIS PROBLEM. His lifestyle had left him all alone, and up a tree, and out on a limb. He had no place to go and no one to turn to. He had a great problem.

(A) His Position was not his problem. The trouble lies deeper. Having a high position is not wrong. It is wonderful if one should gain a high position if that position is gained in an honorable way. Many Godly people have done that in life. His position in life was not his problem. The problem lies deeper.

(B) His Power was not his problem. Many people have had much power in life and have not abused that power. Many of the centurions, Commander of 100 men) were highly respected by the common people. They had power, but they did not abuse it. Perhaps some of the centurions came to know Christ, (Mt. 8:5-10, Mt. 27:54). His position was not his problem. The problem lies deeper.

(C) His Possessions were not his problem. No doubt Zachaeus’ riches came by way of fraud. Again, there is nothing wrong with possessions. Trouble is, I have seen cases where God blessed with great possessions, and in ingratitude, God was left behind. But the WAY, or means by which Zachaeus came to his possessions indicates that his problem was deeper than his possessions.
HIS PROBLEM WAS THAT HE WAS LOST, (v10). That does not mean that he was lost geographically, he was lost Spiritually. The same is true with everyone. We were born lost, estranged from God. That’s what LOST means. Zachaeus was away from God. And so it is with you, if you do not know Christ. “The Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was LOST.” Today, you may find yourself UP A TREE AND OUT ON A LIMB. Jesus Christ is near you, wherever you may be. He wants to go to your house today. He will not go without an invitation. This decision is yours, alone.

5. HIS PLIGHT. With no one to turn to, alone, without a friend, he turned to the only one who could help him. Is this your condition today? Though you may not be rich, powerful, and with great position, today you may find yourself UP A TREE AND OUT ON A LIMB. Zachaeus was the reason Christ took that route that day. He came to seek and to save that which was lost. Just as He did in John 4 when he went out of His way to meet the woman at the well. There was in Him a MUST that He go through Samaria. There was a MUST that He go by the way of Zachaeus’ tree. He is there at your TREE today.

6. THE PRODUCT. When the feet of Zachaeus hit the ground after descending the Sycamore Tree, Zachaeus was a changed man. And so it is with everyone who meets Christ. You cannot meet Him and remain the same. Many today are only fooling themselves. Their life has never changed. “Therefore, if any man be in Christ he is a new creature, old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new.” (2Cor. 5:17). The man Zachaeus said, “If I have taken anything from any man by false accusation, I restore to him fourfold.” This is in obedience to the Law, (Ex 22:1) “Half my goods I give to the poor.” Now, let’s turn that around. Giving half his goods to the poor would never save him. A restoration of things taken by fraud would never save him. These things are the result, the proof of an inward change that happens to everyone who meets Christ. Are YOU that Zachaeus today, UP A TREE AND OUT ON A LIMB? Christ is there where you are. Trust Him, believe Him, receive Him. See what He can do at your TREE.


From up a tree, and out on a limb,
  To meet with Christ, and dine with Him
All because Jesus came by that way,
  His life changed forever, that very day.


AND THE WORLD IS A WILDERNESS…It is no friend to the Christian. The world offers much but produces very little. Zachaeus thought that he had everything but he found that he had nothing. Christ found a “NOTHING” up a tree, and the “NOTHING” up a tree wound up with EVERYTHING. Christ made the difference. Knowing Christ may, or may not make you rich. That’s His business. Knowing Christ will make you ready for life, and ready for death, and ready for eternity.


         FROM MY HEART
           By Mildred Mills


My Dad loved his children, all ten of us. I would say to him right up until he went to Heaven; “Daddy, I love you.” And he would say in return, “I love you ALL, honey.” I wished, in my selfish way, that just one time he would have said, “Honey, I love you too,” but he always included the word “ALL.” No partiality there. He loved all of his children. Daddy was a strict disciplinarian. He made it clear and plain that we would not run with the wrong crowd, and if we attempted to do so, there was a price to pay. Yes, my Daddy believed in discipline, and we got plenty of it. He didn’t believe in “spankings,” He believed in plain old fashioned “Whippins.” Now, you may not agree with his method of discipline, but he never had to go to the courts with any of us…neither did he have to bail any of us out of jail. He never was called to the schools to hear that one of his children had been disrespectful to the teachers. His words were, “If you get a spanking at school, you get a “whipping” at home. Now, you sorta have a greater desire to behave in school when you hear those words. Our parents didn’t run to the school and blame the teacher for any bad conduct we might have had—Daddy took care of that himself. It didn’t matter where we, as kids were, or where he might have been, he always seemed to know exactly where we were and what we were doing. He was rough and tough when he needed to be, and very compassionate and kind when we needed it. His heart was easily touched, and as strong as he was, I have seen him touched to tears many times. Daddy was quick to speak and quick to action, but just as quick to ask for forgiveness if he thought he had offended anyone. My Dad never made lots of money, never owned a big fancy house, nor a fine new car, but he worked hard and did take care of his family the best he could. After suffering a stroke his strong body became very weak and he was totally dependant on others to feed, bathe, and dress him for the last four years of his life on this earth. However, my Dad became a wealthy man just before his 87th Birthday. On January 19, 1995, Daddy went to Heaven and claimed his inheritance. The Bible tells us that we become joint heirs with Jesus when we trust Him as our Saviour. I was with my Dad the night he went forward in the little Church we were raised in, and called on God to have mercy on his soul. I’ll never forget that even though I was only a small child. God promised him a new body, a sound mind, a home in Heaven, a Mansion to live in, (not a room, by the way) but a Mansion built on a street paved with gold; not a little “Beat up” house on a dumpy street that’s full of pot holes. It is a wonderful thing to belong to Jesus and to know that one day we will share the joys of Heaven with the One that saved us by His Grace. How beautiful Heaven must be. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DADDY. I LOVE YOU AND WILL SEE YOU SOON.


Your letters, calls, gifts and spoken comments about the work of this ministry are a constant source of blessing. Thank you so much. Let us all be encouraged. Let us all be faithful witnesses for Christ. Thanks again.
Questions, comments, answers..

The winds of strange doctrines are blowing from every direction today. Almost daily you hear of something new. Forsaking sound doctrine (2Tim 4:1-5) has opened this flood gate. Many people are being deceived today. Many charlatans are getting rich off unsuspecting Church members.

(A) Be sure that you know that you are saved. “Make your calling and election sure.” (2Pet. 1:10)

(B) Be in fellowship with a good, local, Bible Believing, soul winning Church. A Church that preaches and teaches sound doctrine.
We have not, nor will we change the Bible, (KJB) for any of the modern “versions.”
And we have not laid aside the old Hymn Book.

(C) Have an active, meaningful devotional life. Live in prayer. Through the power of prayer, and the power of the Word, you will be stronger than the doctrines of deception.

“Do I believe in a “Deliverance Ministry?”
Of course I do. (2 Cor. 1:10).
He delivered us from so great a death.
He doth deliver.
He will deliver us.

This verse pictures the believers Positional, progressive, and Perfect Sanctification:
1. We WERE delivered from death by the Sacrifice of His Son. (Col 1:13-14.
2. We ARE being delivered DAILY by the Life of His Son. (Ro. 5:9-10).

3. We WILL BE Delivered from the Tribulation by the coming of His Son. (1Thess 1:10).
  Now, that’s deliverance! 

“Do you have a prayer language?”

 Ans. Yes, I do. Everybody does. I PRAY IN THE LANGUAGE MY Mother taught me to speak, and God answers in that same language, (English). God has no problem with the English language.

“Do you believe in Divine healing?”

Ans. Yes, I do. I believe that all healing is Divine healing. God is the Healer. I believe that God heals through Prayer, (Ja, 5:15) Sometimes God heals through prayer and medicine. But it is always God who is the Healer. While I do believe in Divine healing, I do not believe is these “divine healers.”

“Do you believe in signs preceding the Rapture of the Church?”

Ans. The Bible says, “An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign.” (Mt. 12:39).
STOP looking for signs.
START listening for His shout
KEEP on working, praying, witnessing.

“And He said unto them, it is not for you to know the times or the seasons which the Father hath put in His own power.” (Acts 1:7). Through the years, many have been deceived by sign seekers and soothsayers.