Vol. 31, No. 7   July, 2007

  (Song Of Solomon 5:1-16)

Due to the nature of this Ministry, it is quite common for me to be asked many unusual questions. From time to time, I try to save at least a little space in the “WILDERNESS” to answer some questions.
“What about Cedars of Lebanon? I read about them in many Books of the Bible. What is their significance?”
I looked into my Concordance and found that the words “Cedar and Cedars” appear some 75 times. This is a very interesting study, however, I just could not visit every text. Our text (above) caught my attention and I began to look at the Song Of Solomon again. The 5th Chapter gives us an excellent word painting of our Lord Jesus Christ.  As you study this Great Book, you must see the intimate relationship between Christ and His Church, or, the Book makes little sense. I am aware of the fact that the Church is not in the Old Testament. We see only shades, shadows, and types. The courtship between the lovers in the Song Of Solomon is a beautiful picture of Christ, and His Bride, the New Testament Church, (Eph 5:21-33).

Now, back to our text. In verses 1-4, the bride is asleep. She is dreaming (v2). She has had her fill of milk, wine, and honeycomb. She has washed herself, and is resting quite comfortably. Sounds much like us today, All washed and cleansed, and asleep. The Groom interrupts her sleep as he knocks, bidding entrance. He is returning from a journey. His hair is wet with dew. She recognizes his voice, but she is just “too tired” to get up and open the door. “I have put off my coat.” His knock was unexpected. Finally she awakes and rises to open the door only to find that the Groom had left. She called for him, but no answer. She asked for help among the watchmen of the city. They probably saw her as a woman of the night. They took her veil. A virtuous woman would not be seen out at night. Then, in verse 8 she asked the daughters of Jerusalem to help her find her lover. They asked the question that is asked millions of times every day, “What is thy beloved more than another beloved, that thou dost so charge us?” (v9). What is so special about your beloved? Is he better than Moses? Mohammed? Confucius? Or Buddha? Just what is so special about Him? Just what is so special about this Jesus?  She then begins to describe her lover. She paints for us a picture of our Lord Jesus.


 WHITE refers to His sinlessness, His Purity. Of course, Our Lord Jesus Christ is the sinless One. “He who knew no sin became sin for us.”

RUDDY speaks of His complexion. “Having a healthy or reddish color.” The Bible tells us of a King who was “RUDDY” “And he, (Jesse) sent, and brought him, (David) in. Now he was RUDDY, and withal of a beautiful countenance, and goodly to look to. And the Lord said, Arise, anoint him, for this is he.” (1Sam 16:12). One day, Christ will sit upon the Throne of David. Like king David, He is very pleasant to look upon. His countenance is fair and radiant. I wonder what the world sees in the various phonies, fakes, and deceivers?

2. “THE CHIEFEST AMONG TEN THOUSAND.” (v10) Every other king pales in His presence. His appearance is such that if he stood among ten thousand, He is ready recognizable.

3. “HIS HEAD IS AS THE MOST FINE GOLD.” (v11). As she describes her lover to the daughters, she begins with His head. We are reminded that our Christ is the Head of the Church, (Col 1:18,  2:9-10). “He is the head of all principality and power.”

4. “HIS LOCKS ARE BUSHY, AND BLACK AS A RAVEN.” (v10). Indicating that His hair was wavy. We see His youthfulness. Christ was crucified at age 33. In the prime of life, in the midst of years, He was cut off. I personally believe that at last, when we finally see our Lord Jesus, we will see Him at age 33, and we will be like Him. How about living in Heaven where everybody is age 33 forever. “We shall be LIKE HIM, for we shall see Him as He is.” (1Jn 3:2).
As she continues to describe her lover, she now looks to His eyes.

5. HIS EYES ARE AS THE EYES OF DOVES. (v12).  A Dove is a clean, sacrificial bird, (Lev.1:14). His are not the eyes of a predator. Of course, we recall that at His Baptism in Jordan, the Holy Spirit descended like a dove, and lighted upon Him,” (Mt 3:16-17). Just three short years later, that Gentle Dove, (Christ) was nailed to a Roman cross as THE Sacrifice for sin.

6. HIS EYES… “WASHED WITH MILK” (v12). “Washed with milk” reminds us of the white of His Eyes, white as snow. You can tell much about a person just by looking into his eyes. If the eyes are dilated, that may very well indicate that this person is on some kind of a drug. If the eyes are bloodshot, this may indicate a problem with alcohol. If the eyes are white and clear, this is a sign that this one is in good health.

7. “HIS EYES…FIRMLY SET.” (v12) He is not far sighted. He is not near sighted. His eyes are firmly set. He sees all. The big, the small. Nothing escapes his piercing eyes. He sees you today. He knows where we are, and what we do. His eyes are upon the righteous, (Psa 34:15) And He promised to “Guide us with His Eye.” (Psa 32:8).

8. “HIS CHEEKS ARE AS A BED OF SPICES.” The cheeks speak of His inward health. As with the eyes, the cheeks of a person tell us much about his health. If the liver is sick, the cheeks are yellow. If the cheeks are pale, this may indicate anemia. If the cheeks are blue, this may indicate that lungs are not getting enough oxygen. If the cheeks have pimples, this may indicate a blood condition. However, the cheeks of her lover, (Our Saviour) are “As sweet flowers.”

9. “HIS LIPS LIKE LILIES.” (v13) Kindness flows from His lips. He speaks with tender mercies. “Grace is poured into Thy lips.” (Psa 45:2). Of course, The Lily reminds us of the Resurrection, that He was nailed to a Roman Cross, buried in a borrowed tomb, and Rose again the third day. Halleluiah! As the Bride continues to describe her lover, she mentions…

10. “HIS HANDS” (v14) Hands speak of work. We are reminded that His hands were nailed to that Roman Cross. His hands speak of the work of the Cross. He will forever bear the wounds, (not scars) of Calvary in His hands, Zech 13:6-7)
Today, His hands are gentle, kind, helping hands.

11. “HIS BELLY IS AS BRIGHT IVORY OVERLAID WITH SAPHIRES.” (v14). His Belly refers to His inward Mercy and Compassion. It refers to our innermost feelings, (1Jn 3:17). Jesus said, “He that believeth on me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” (Jn 7:38) When the Holy Spirit comes in to dwell in us, (Eph 1:13) Living Water, (The Word) shall flow from us to the nations.
As she continues to describe her Lover, she looks to His legs…

12. “HIS LEGS ARE AS PILLARS OF MARBLE.” (v15) Legs are the pillars that hold up the entire body. His legs are marble. Marble is stone. Christ is that foundation stone. The descriptions of Christ go on and on. “What is thy Beloved more than another beloved?” they asked. Oh, there is so much more.

This brings us back to the original thought for this message…

13. “HIS COUNTENANCE IS AS LEBANON.” (v15). Lebanon means, “White Mountain.” When Joshua was preparing the Israelites to cross the Jordan River and claim their inheritance, he gave them their boundaries. “From the Wilderness and this Lebanon.” (Jos 1:4) Joshua pointed to the north to a great White Mountain some 120 miles away. “That White Mountain,(Lebanon) is your northern coast.” This White Mountain is majestic. It is over 10,000 feet high. Christ towers over all men, over all rulers, and great figures of world history. He is majestic!

14. EXCELLENT AS THE CEDARS.  (v15) CEDARS OF LEBANON. I believe that in most cases, wherever the cedar is mentioned, you will find Christ close by. Here are some things I learned about CEDARS OF LEBANON..

(A) Cedars of Lebanon are evergreen. That speaks of Eternity.
(B) Cedars of Lebanon are very strong, very durable.
(C) Cedars of Lebanon were used in the noblest buildings. The Temple Solomon built had much Cedar in it.
(D) Cedars of Lebanon were full of Sap. This is a figure of the Holy Spirit. This reminds us of the Vine and the branches. Without he Sap flowing through the vine, there is no fruit. (John 15)(Psa 104:16)
(E) Cedars of Lebanon emitted a very pleasant odor. Oh, the fragrance of Calvary!

His mouth is sweet. He speaks Wonderful words of life.
I have found from personal experience, that Christ is everything and more than the Bride in our text could mention. I trust that He is precious to you.
The Bible gives us another picture of Christ. The same Christ, but different. You see, today, He is all the sweetness of our text. In Revelation Ch 1, Christ is pictured as the Great Conqueror. “His head and His hairs were white like wool, as white as snow, and His eyes were as a flame of fire. And His feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace, and His voice as the sound of many waters. And He had in His right hand seven stars, and out of His mouth went a sharp twoedged sword, and His countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength.” (Rev 1:14-16) Today, He is the Wonderful One as pictured in our text. Tomorrow, some tomorrow, The same Christ is the Judge. He stands ready to forgive, and receive repentant sinners. I am so glad that I Have received Him. Now, about you, is Christ your intimate friend? or is He your impending Judge?
The Bible says, “But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God. In simple faith, ask Christ for His forgiveness and tell Him that you receive Him just now. He will never knock down the barriers in your life and come in unbidden. You must ask Him in. Let Him show you personally that He is all these things, and so much, much more.


        By Pastor George Mills

“That I May dwell in the House of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the BEAUTY OF THE LORD.” (Psa 27:4)

          Beautiful Saviour, 
             Thee I adore,
          Thou hast redeemed me,
            Thine evermore.
         Love freely given,
            Grace to impart,
         Came down from Heaven,
            To live in my heart.

        Beautiful Saviour,
           Wonderful Friend,
        My song shall praise Thee,
            Years without end.
        Love so amazing,
          Love so Divine,
        Beautiful Saviour,
          What Love is Thine!

        Beautiful Saviour,
          When I shall see,
        Thy face in Heaven,
          What joy for me.
        Ever to live there,
          With Thee to abide,
        Ever to dwell close to,
          Thy wounded side.

        Beautiful Saviour,
          Thy nail pierced hands,
        Forever be praised,
          In Heaven’s bright land.
       The veil then lifted,
         Thy face we’ll see,
       Beautiful Saviour,
         Heaven with Thee.


THINK ABOUT IT…Did you ever wonder what kind of wood the Cross was made of? Was it Oak, or Pine, or Ash, or Poplar? Or could it have been made of Cedar of Lebanon?



I am deeply concerned about the American Home. The high divorce rate is very alarming. The home was the focus of Satan’s attack in Gen. 3. The home is the focus of Satan’s attack today. Over the last few months I have set aside a place in the “WILDERNESS” just to address the home issue. We have examined the home under the various titles..

We have examined subjects like the Divine Order of the Home. The Husband’s place in the home, the Wife’s place, the children’s place. The Bible (KJV) is very clear on these matters. Please read Eph. 5:21-6:4). I do not have space to review these verses. The Apostle Peter in 1Pet. 3:1-6 gave a “to do” list for the wife. In v7, he says to the husband “LIKEWISE.” In other words, what the Bible says to the Wife, it says the same thing to the Husband. Normally, we have a long list for the husband, and a longer list for the wife. Let us be fair as we approach the subject


1. DON’T! Don’t even go there. Don’t even try. Marriages fail because of (A) Financial problems. A misuse of the family budget, credit card, and installment buying. And (B) Failure in Spiritual life, family prayer, and public worship services. (C) A failure in open expressions of Love and trust and in sexual adjustment, and (D) TRYING TO CHANGE THE MATE INSTEAD OF CHANGING ONESELF.


Trying to change your mate WILL NOT work. Change YOURSELF! Some spend their entire marriage trying to change the other. “If he/she could only see,” “He/she would be so much better if only…” and the list is endless. Again, do not try to change your mate. Of course, bad habits, bad manners, etc, should be addressed in a tactful manner. But In the following list, what I say to one I say to both…

2. Love your mate and let him/her know it. (Col. 3:18-20).

3. Hold your relationship to your mate very sacred. Do not reveal it to others.

4. Learn to have fun together. Play games. Attend concerts. Go skating, or bowling, etc.  Eat out at least once a week. Go shopping together. Find a hobby, something that you enjoy doing together be together. Learn togetherness early in marriage.

5. Put your mate ahead of everyone else, including the children. Of course, you will make sure the children are cared for. Remember, you will have your children for a few years. If things go as expected, God willing, you will have your mate with you for much longer. If you wait until the kids are grown and then focus your attention on your mate, many times, this is just too late. Life patterns have been formed earlier. So learn early in your marriage. Your focus is on one another. We are experiencing many divorces among couples that have been married for many years. Perhaps this is an area where we could learn much.

6. Do your part in keeping the home atmosphere as pleasant as possible.

7. Never criticize your In-laws.

8. Always be together in disciplining the children. 

9. Always be very interested in your mate’s activities for the day.

10. Be very careful in your relationship with the opposite sex. Do not place yourself in a position where criticisms could arise.

11. Be together on finances. Stay within the family budget. Some say that the man should handle the money, and others say that the wife should. Find out early which one is best suited. There should be at least a monthly discussion on the family financial condition. There should never be any financial secrets.

12. For the wife, remember the word; ADMIRATION. A man loves to be admired. Brag on him. Make him think that he can do anything.

13. For the husband, remember the word; AFFECTION. Husbands, be very affectionate with your wife. Gentle caresses, kindnesses, and expressions of gratitude, remembrance of birthdays, anniversaries, and just kindly, sweet expressions of love and appreciation. Let her know that she is beautiful and appealing to you, especially as you grow older together.

When things go wrong, and sometimes they will, TALK IT OVER. Don’t pass the blame to him/her. Try to see how YOU can change.
 Marriage should be the longest relationship in life. We should become experts in marriage. Read what the Bible (KJV) says about marriage. Read good Books on marriage by Christian authors.
God wants your home to be a place of happiness and sweet memories. Let us spend our time making it that way.

God willing, come July 31,2007, Mrs. Mills and I will celebrate 53 years on our journey to eternity together. I appreciate her and her devotion to our home and children. Her common sense, sense of humor, and character have meant so much in our being together for all these years. I thank her for her sacrifices. And we are still learning.

AGAIN, IN MAKING THE MARRIAGE, DON’T TRY TO MANAGE YOUR MATE. See where YOU can change. After a while, you will be able to see where both of you have changed, and were not ever aware that you had changed.

As I have stated, Satan’s attack, his focus is against the home, and the structure of the home. We must learn to build our lives on that Great Foundation Stone; our Lord Jesus Christ. Faith in Him, Trust in His Word, daily family prayer, Regular family attendance at Church services are valuable resources for the stability of the Home.
     July 4, 1776—July 4, 2007
                231 years old

From all us here at the WILDERNESS we wish for our Great Nation a Happy and Glorious Birthday. May God Bless America again!


                Pastor George Mills

Our Constitution is over 230 years old. It has been handled and stored with great care. I watched a documentary where the Constitution, and Declaration Of Independence were carefully reframed, and stored in a controlled environment. These documents are written on animal skins, and the INK IS FADING. In fact, the writing is barely visible. While these documents are old and fading, what they declare should never fade. We have history to prove to us that God honors the people who honor Him. We have history to prove the fact that “The wicked shall be cast into hell, and ALL the nations that forget God.”(Psa. 9:17). America, take caution. Let us not give away what men in the past paid so dearly for us; FREEDOM.


I am happy to be an American! I am an American by birth. When we consider the billions in the world, It is a miracle that we were born here. I am glad that the Immigration Bill did not get past the Senate. There is a proper way to become an American. Let everyone abide by the same rule.


            By Pastor George Mills
        “In God We Trust”
           Our motto has been,
        Is this still true today,
          As it was back then,
       When our Founding Fathers
           Knelt down to pray,
        And boldly stated
           That God is our stay?

       Do their voices still echo,
          From history’s pages,
       Is God still our trust,
          As was down through the ages?
       Or is it in vain,
          That brave men have died,
      While “In God We Trust”
          Has been sorely denied?

      This Nation has stood,
         For many decades,
      But we ask as the ink,
        Of the Constitution fades,
     Can we long endure,
        Without help from above,
     From The One who has showered,
        This Nation with love?

     “In God We Trust”
        Our Motto has been.
     May this Truth be imbedded,
        In the heart of all men.
     And may it be said ,
        Of this generation,
     “In God We Trust”
        Is the Motto of this nation.

     How long can we stand,
        When the ink fades away?
     The words of our Motto,
        Barely visible today.
     Let each one renew,
        Our allegiance and say,
    “In God We Trust”
        Before the INK FADES AWAY.