By Pastor George Mills

“And Jesus moved with compassion, put forth
His hand and touched him and said unto
 him I will, be thou clean.” (Mk 1:42)

                                          He touched me when, I was lost in sin,
                                              He touched and made me whole within.
                                          His touch of cleansing, I needed so,
                                              He touched and made me white as snow.

          In need of assurance when doubtful I be,
His gentle touch, to reassure me.
He gave me sight as He touched my eyes,
The sight He gave made me realize;

That corrective touch, daily I need,
I find in His tender message I read.
That quieting touch, so gentle, so kind,
In the upsets of life, so often I find.

In this world of darkness and deep despair,
His gentle touch, I find in Prayer.
My care I lay there at His feet,
At His Throne of Grace, there my Saviour I meet.