In James 2:17 we are told that if we have faith without works, then our faith is dead. It is very easy to say that we have faith and believe in God, but only through our works can we prove that. We must live the way that Christ did and follow His example. There is a song from years back that exemplified this message;

“What you are speaks so loud that the world can’t hear what you say. They are looking at your walk, not listening to your talk;They’re judging from your actions every day.”

God isn’t saying that you have to start visiting the elderly or start handing out pamphlets or even go to a foreign land to show your works. I am not saying that this kind of ministry is not important, but demonstrating faith with works can begin right in your home, at your school, or on your job. A witness for faith means that you are showing others your faith in Jesus Christ, by walking each day with Him. Trusting in His Words to guide you, praying each day to be closer and more like Him, showing everyone that you have a tower of strength that comes only from believing in the Lord. This message was demonstrated by Heisman Trophy winner and NFL Superstar Tim Tebow when he told reporters, “I don’t want to be another guy who’s walking down the street. I want when people see me they say, “Hey, there’s something different about this guy and that’s because he has a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Until next time, Ashley Stevens.